Austrian Alps, 2015

Three days of up's and down's in the Austrian and Italian alps. Great pain, greater views and the best food. Nothing more needed. 

Special thanks goes to Gesundheitswelten Sillian for guiding and training!


Palatinate Forest, 2015

Overnight hiking in the hills of Palatinante with two infants. My rucksack was over loaded times four, including  14 liters of water. Bad idea and not to be repeated in this manner. Nevertheless it was a great experience for all of us!



Velothon, 2015

Same shit different year. Only my engine failed for the final sprint this time. I guess we are getting old...


Great Smoky Mountains, 2015

Weekend hiking the smokys with the whole gang on the trail during day time and in the jacuzzi at night. Outdoor living made easy to enjoy for everybody!






Normandie, 2014

Three weeks camping and road tripping along the coast of northern France. A trip partly accompanied by great friends, without a single drop of rain, but with endless beaches and delicious sea food. A perfect family vacation under blue sky.




Colors Run, 2014

A little bit of sports and a lot of party - the color run! After the 5k around Berlins Olympic Stadium the girls have tasted blood to get back into their work out and competition mode. Keep going!!!


Mallorca, 2014

Again this year the racing team has traditionally started the road-season in a training camp on the Spanish Island of Mallorca. Not only the training conditions with perfect pavement in overwhelming settings are convincing, but also the Brandy at night time made the trip worthwhile.


Triathlon, 2013

Same old: tough swimming, easy cycling, painfull running. But in the end it's always worth it!






Velothon, 2013

60k, full chain and traditional role allocation: the tender is well appreciated!





Mallorca, 2013

One week training camp with the boys in Paguera. 500k horizontally, but endless meters in the Tramuntana Mountains vertically. I very well remember 'Es Grau' being my daily wake up call and the overwhelming Beauty of coastal highway Ma-10.

As pain and gain are directly linked, my personal Fitness was boosted to the next Level!



Rerik, 2012

Four day family and friend camping trip to the baltic sea. Sun and fun with one major thunder storm interruption, forcing us to cuddle up closely in the car.


Triathlon, 2012

Finally at the line again after skipping two years. This time I experienced that solo is possible, but less fun and that the overall performance of the competition has remarkably increased. Maybe next time I should be better prepared...





Velothon, 2012

Even though the prep-phase melted our team down from five to two, we completed the 120km with awesome speed for maximum glory. No worries guys, we saved our team reputation.


Rügen, 2011

Five day family camping trip to Germany's "cape north". After a cold and rainy welcome we enjoyed the first days of fall with nice and sometimes even sunny weather.


Dragon Boat Race, 2011

After 5 races finally winner of the Schenkenland Championship. The competition was dead serious, but our management and our mainly pro sport veterans team prevailed! "Fettes...Boot! - Fettes...Boot! - Fettes...Boot!"


Velothon, 2011

For some reason the 60k distance turned out to be 65k which almost killed me! But even though we have had a crash with smashed helmet and my awefull overall condition, our legendary team "The Quadriga" finished completely!





Vätternrundan, 2010

300 k bicycle race around lake Vättern in Sweden. Been there, done that...


Scandinavia, 2010

8000 kilometer road trip through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Overwhelming two month family camping-trip we would do again any time!


Müritz, 2009

Christmas canoe weekend with the boys on lake Müritz, in Germany. Freezing cold, but 100% tourist-free.






Triathlon, 2009

Thanks to my dependable partner just as fun as all the other years.


Great Smoky Mountain National Park, 2009

Two days of easy hiking on parts of the appalachian trail in Tennesse, USA. Certainly worth returning.


Cortina d'Ampezzo, 2008

Climbing the Italien alps with changing weather, but always good vino!


Veneto, 2008

One week and 250 kilometer with our bicycles around Venice. Bassano del Grappa was our favorite, the gutsy winds on Lido a nightmare.


Triathlon, 2008

This year it's been the dream team starting, but only 3 out of 6 finishing. There is room for improvement...


Velothon, 2008

60 kilometer bicycle race through Berlin. Even for our man on the mountain bike a piece of cake!


Canada, 2007/08

New year in British Columbia. From sight seeing in Vancouver over to skiing in Sun Peaks and visiting best buddies in Kelowna. Some day we will certainly return!


Mexico, 2007

Visiting the peninsula of Jucatan with it's ancient Maya construction's, the cenotes and of course the all inclusive beach resorts...


Triathlon, 2007



Altmühltal, 2007

Five day canoe and camping trip. Perfect weather, nice surrounding and two awesome rapids on our route! 


Cape Town, 2006 / 07

New year at table mountain with our south african best buddies! From there to visit family in Glentana and to the best guest house in Mossel Bay and all of southern Africa: Avenues Guesthouse 


Iceland, 2006

111 kilometer and eight days of hiking Iceland's most north-western tip by fair means (Everything you need, you carry!). In my life I have never felt such hunger before or ever after...


Triathlon, 2006

Everybody-distance for the fun of it!


Istanbul, 2006

Having our local under-cover-agent giving us an idea of the true orient. It is crazy in every aspect!






Half-Marathon, 2006

21 kilometer with a team very well prepared. An event to be remembered...


Skaneleden, 2005

Three days hiking one of Sweden's most famous trails. Even with steak and beer the first night, it remained a borderview expierence for some of us.


Lake Tahoe, 2005

Skiing with the instructor between California and Nevada in almost summer conditions.


Tuscany, 2004

Six days and 80 kilometers following the Fiume Albegna from it's river mouth to the spring. The landscape, the people and the food beat even our very high expectations!


Mallorca, 2003

Climbing and skin-diving around the spanish island. Together with our pool-side appartment and a car break-in almost an all-inclusive holiday...


Switzerland, 2002

130 kilometer and nine days following the Bears-Trek through the swiss alps. Unbelievable impressions made up for all the pain beared.


Scotland, 2002

Eight days and 70 kilometer hiking the scottish highlands. We've had four seasons in every two hours throughout the trip. No complaints about that...


California, 1999

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